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Wealth Creation Homes & Income

Wealth Creation Home and Income models have been designed to include a fully self contained flat, which is a great utilisation of small pieces of land and a good use of air-space especially when land prices are so high with no sight of them coming down, making Wealth Creation Homes second to none.

V8 Home & Income 2 - Storey

2 x 1 double bedroom self contained homes.

The first step on the ladder. We have made it easy for the beginner. This practical home features one double bedroom on each floor, designed for your comfort and the comfort of your tenant. The living / kitchen flow is a key feature to this design, ideal for single or couples starting out. You can live in one and rent the other out for extra income.

V12 Home & Income 2 Storey

2 x 2 double bedroom self contained homes.

This model is ideal for young families. It comes with 2 two double bedroom homes, ideal for couples with a young child. You can live in one and rent the other out, to help pay the mortgage.

V12 Home & Income 2 Storey

2 x 3 bedroom homes

This model comes with 1 double bedroom and 2 single bedrooms, ideal for bigger families, or one could be used as a study. The next level can be the same, and used for extended family or rented out.

V12 Home & Income 2 Storey

2 double bedroom homes

Another great income earner for the first home buyer wanting to get on the property ladder containing a 2 x 2 double bedroom homes with great outlook from your open plan living area that also opens out onto decks on both sides. Making downstairs another comfortable  2 double bedroom home available to rent out.

V8 Home & Income 3 - Storey

2 bedroom home + 1 double bedroom Self contained flat

This is a compact stylish design with delightful living space for you and your tenant. The combination of a 1 double bedroom self contained ground level flat and a 2 storey double bedroom home upstairs. The second storey is the  living and entertaining area with decks opening onto both sides. The third storey has 2 double bedrooms.

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