Thinking smart about home ownership.

The first thing you will notice about us – Is we do things a little differently.
We designed and created a solution for people who need that extra bit of help getting into their first home. We are the first Kiwi company to build “Home & Income with 5kw Hybrid Solar Power” at the forefront of our designs. Home and Income describes a home that has a rental component (in this case a self contained flat) incorporated into its design. This can be rented to create income for you.
  • You graduate from tenant to landlord on the same day.
  • 2 totally separate self contained dwellings.
  • Rent from one is helping to pay your mortgage from day one.
  • This reduces the length of time in debt to the bank, saving you more.
  • Thousands of $$$ in annual savings from the 5kw Hybrid Solar Power. (x25 years)
  • This could be the difference between owning your own home or continuing to pay off someone else’s with your rent.
  • Real wealth creation and financial freedom.
  • Great retirement plan

Thinking smart about home ownership.

Sustainable Design

We worked hard to create homes that are sustainable, and energy efficient. Not only are they good for your family, they are good for the planet. Our homes are environmentally friendly, with a small carbon footprint. Solar power gives them a low impact on the earth and its environment.


Wealth Creation Homes provide a healthier living environment for your family, by combining good design with effective insulation. Collect and store the sun’s energy to provide your home with warmth day and night throughout the year. Use the sun to heat your home (passive heating) and slash your heating costs, reduce condensation and dampness, and make your home healthier and more comfortable.


Wealth Creation Homes have been designed to harness and control the sun’s heat. Floor to ceiling Thermal break double glazed floor to ceiling aluminium windows and doors, and the minimum 5-10Kw Solar Power system, along with sustainable design and reuse of grey water for irrigation, mean your new home has a low impact on the earth and its resources.


Wealth Creation Homes modern architectural designs incorporate today’s technology instant hot water taps, unlimited instant hot water, massage showers, good use of natural sunlight, full height glass and doors opening onto full length decks with glass balustrades on every level. You’ll love the style, class, quality and warmth of these homes.

Carbon Foot Print

Wealth Creation Homes designs for small carbon foot print and clever use of sun for heating, Solar power, and innovative use of height and space, greatly reduce the use of valuable land and materials, making these homes ideal for any site.


Certified high-class specialists.

Experience & Skills

Certified high-class specialists.

Customer Focus

Certified high-class specialists.


That every home has TWO prices?

The cost to Purchase.

Which is the price you paid for the property.

The Running cost.

Which is the price to RUN the property. The Running cost of a house can vary drastically between similar size homes for a variety of reasons. eg: A house without insulation will cost more to heat then one fully insulated.

Option 1 - On Grid System

Option 2 - Off Grid System

Wealth Creation Homes have the cheapest Running costs in NZ.

Wealth Creation Homes have a high BRANZ rating and WOF, by going the extra mile through its simple architectural design. Utilising the sun with it’s Thermal break double glazed floor to ceiling aluminium windows & doors, double cladded and fully wrapped insulation, along with the free power you get from your 5kw hybrid solar power system make these homes very energy efficient.

The extra income makes the economics of owning your first home an awful lot easier